Piano Playing for All

Welcome to Pianopage.net

On this website you will find all sorts of information about piano playing that helps you in your development as a pianist. If you are a beginner starting from scratch or when you are more advanced player, this site offers many things to learn for playing and studying the piano.

Playing the piano means hard work, if you want to play it well. You have a long road ahead of you to reach a high level of playing: but the journey towards it is the thing that really counts. The experience of progress is what will give you the most pleasure and excitement. When you notice that you can do certain things at the piano that you couldn’t do before, that is one of the most inspiring sensations in the process.
But it doesn’t come by itself, it takes practice (a lot), persistence and patience. You need to be serious and willing to commit to it. But it is absolutely worth the effort. Playing the piano gives you great pleasure and fullfillment and the benefits for your general education and development are tremendous. Learning and playing music means using and training your ears, eyes, hands (and the rest of your physique), intellect, imagination and self-expression. It is the most complete brain training there is to be found. Many scientific studies have shown the positive impact of making music on someone’s general development and well-being.

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